Graduates' Day

Be proud of our graduates!

On the third Friday of June, the Réseau québécois pour la réussite éducative, Alloprof and Télé-Québec join forces to pay tribute to graduates on Graduates’ Day.

The end of a cycle in education is a fundamental step in the academic career of graduates. Celebrating this stage in their lives helps congratulate them for their tenacity and dedication. It also recognizes the tremendous accomplishment of earning a degree or qualification. Let’s send a wave of congratulations and recognition to graduates at all levels of school!

On June 17th, let’s cheer on our graduates!

Take the challenge and post your graduation photo on social media, and congratulate a graduate from this year by tagging them!

Use the hashtag #fiersdenosfinissants

Graduation is a significant accomplishment that should be celebrated in a big way.

This is the time to send out a wave of congratulations and recognition to graduates at all levels: elementary, high school, general adult and vocational education, college, and university. Each young person has his or her own story and personal challenges: all deserve our applause!

For this day of festivities, we invite you to join the movement and share it among your networks! Here’s how you can take part in the festivities:


Contact Dominique Vyboh Poirier, Communication Consultant.
819 868-3100, ext. 56006

To learn more

To learn more and download promotional materials, visit the Graduates’ Day website.