Educational Success

Employers Committed to Educational Success

All employers can take action for educational success

Educational success and school perseverance are a long-lasting solution to the shortage of qualified labour.

The Employeurs engagés pour la réussite éducative (EERÉ) movement in Estrie seeks to raise awareness and support employers in their role in educational success. During this labour shortage, we must support this cause more than ever in order to ensure the socio-professional development of the greatest number of individuals and to consolidate the development of a competent and qualified next generation of workers.

Be an employer committed to educational success

Check out our “Be an employer committed to educational success” brochure to learn more about the movement.

You’ll find all the information you need regarding employers committed to educational success, the benefits of joining the movement, and the positive impact it has on businesses.

Testimony - Nathalie Savard, Human Resources Manager, Verbom

“Practically, being an engaged employer means sound management of our staffing, working on the retention and engagement of our employees.”

Testimony - Olivier Lacombe, Co-Founder and Technical Director, eLab Extrusion

“Helping our workforce and youth develop their technical skills allows us to develop quality products.”

Action plan of the EERÉ movement in Estrie 2022-2023

The operational objectives, according to our three target audiences, are:

Target: Employers

  1. Support committed employers in the region in implementing practices that support educational success
  2. Educate new businesses on implementing practices supporting educational success

Target: Youth and parents

  1. Inform and sensitize student-employees on the importance of a healthy school-work balance
  2. Inform and educate parents about the importance of a healthy school-work balance

Target: Community

  1. Inform and sensitize the community about the importance of the role of employers in educational success
  2. Implement means to raise awareness among socio-economic partners (e.g. chamber of commerce, economic development officers, workforce committees) about the role they can play in educational success

Deployment strategy of the EERÉ movement in Estrie

R3USSIR acts as a regional resource and provides financial support for the local deployment of the EERÉ movement in Estrie. This local deployment is ensured by local agents responsible for the promotion and implementation of the movement with employers in their respective areas.

View the contact details for the people in charge of the EERÉ movement in Estrie.

Regional EERÉ committee in Estrie

R3USSIR deploys the EERÉ movement in Estrie at the regional and local levels. To achieve this, it has established a working committee, Employeurs engagés pour la réussite éducative, which brings together seven advocates from each of the territories in Estrie.

Some statistics


employers have the title of employers engaged for educational success in Estrie.


redistributed for local deployment of the movements.


of post-secondary students work while in school.


of young people dedicate more than 15 hours per week to their jobs.

What are the benefits to an employer for committing to educational success?

The “My Boss is the Best!” contest

This contest aims to sensitize young people and employers about best practices for school-work balance (CET, conciliation études-travail) and to raise awareness among employers about the impact they have on the school perseverance and educational success of their student-employees and stagiaires.

In our toolkit

An activity to develop awareness around school work balance

Practical tools
Employers Committed to Educational Success
This activity sheet is designed to raise awareness among young people about healthy school-work balance and to address the subject of good practices for communicating with their employers. It is for use by employers working with youth aged 12 to...

Work and school – Are you doing too much? Videos

Informative Content
Employers Committed to Educational Success
Two videos created to raise awareness among youth aged 12 to 20 about the importance of healthy school-work balance.

Application – temptation blocker

Practical tools
School-Work Balance
Three free programs that block access to websites, browsers, games, or other software that might waste your valuable time. These can help you manage your time better and avoid distractions.

Video – Is your child’s job interfering with their education?

Informative Content
School-Work Balance
This video was created to raise awareness among parents of young people who work while going to school about the importance of healthy school-work balance. Partners can invite parents in their network to watch the video and discuss it with...

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