Matching training and employment

A qualified and competent workforce for the Estrie of tomorrow

Education, an essential lever for economic development

Over the next few years, Estrie will have the challenge of training workers capable of meeting the needs of the labour market. The current labour shortage leads us, as a society, to reflect on and implement auspicious courses of action to improve the match between the skills of individuals ready to work and the jobs available, and thus ensure a better match between educational institutions, the needs of businesses, and those of young people.

Some statistics


occupations are identified as suffering the greatest labour shortage in Estrie.


institutions at different levels of education in Estrie offer training to obtain the diplomas required for these occupations (more than 20 points of service in different MRCs).


is the current unemployment rate in Estrie.

Our project in training-job matching

R3USSIR carries out actions to develop a qualified workforce in response to the current and emerging needs of the Estrie labour market. Discover our current project!

Reducing Recruitment Difficulties in Estrie: Ten Targeted Occupations

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