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Our toolkit has everything you need to build success in Estrie’s communities!

The R3USSIR Toolkit is a platform bringing together a wide variety of resources intended to equip stakeholders from all sectors who take action promote educational success and school perseverance, and optimize the relationship between supplying training and the needs of the labour market.



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Collaborating for greater gender diversity in university engineering programs

Informative Content
Matching Training and Employment
Concerns about increasing the number of women in engineering roles and making this field of study more equitable and inclusive are very real in Quebec and Canada. The “Collaborating for Greater Gender Diversity in University Engineering Programs” report is a…

Quebec perspective scholarship program

Informative Content
Matching Training and Employment
A provincial program whose main objective is to promote graduation in programs of study leading to the practice of professions affected by the labour shortage and prioritized by the government in strategic sectors of the economy.


Informative Content
Educational Success
Infographic explaining the summer slide phenomenon and how to mitigate its effects for at-risk students and increase their chances of success.

Report | Reading for Pleasure

Data and Portraits
This resource aims to support the development or analysis of projects designed to motivate youth to read.

An activity to develop awareness around school work balance

Practical tools
Employers Committed to Educational Success
This activity sheet is designed to raise awareness among young people about healthy school-work balance and to address the subject of good practices for communicating with their employers. It is for use by employers working with youth aged 12 to…

Work and school – Are you doing too much? Videos

Informative Content
Employers Committed to Educational Success
Two videos created to raise awareness among youth aged 12 to 20 about the importance of healthy school-work balance.

Application – temptation blocker

Practical tools
School-Work Balance
Three free programs that block access to websites, browsers, games, or other software that might waste your valuable time. These can help you manage your time better and avoid distractions.

Career Development Beyond Job Titles

Webinars and events
Motivation and School Engagement
The question ”what do you want to be when you grow up?” is no longer serving young people. For too long, we’ve encouraged them to prepare for their future by choosing a job title…

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