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Our toolkit has everything you need to build success in Estrie’s communities!

The R3USSIR Toolkit is a platform bringing together a wide variety of resources intended to equip stakeholders from all sectors who take action promote educational success and school perseverance, and optimize the relationship between supplying training and the needs of the labour market.



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Toolkit for key moments in the transition to kindergarten

Practical tools
Educational Success
This toolkit contains three things: 1) Examples of transition to kindergarten activities for partners; 2) Tips & tricks for the transition to kindergarten for parents; and 3) Emotions, Stress, and the Transition to Kindergarten for parents.

Treasure Hunt

Practical tools
Educational Success
10 “Treasure Hunt” flyers for parents to use with their child when visiting a grocery store or while at a party for children.

56 tips & tricks for reading

Informative Content
Educational Success
A series of 56 illustrations designed for parents that present interesting tips for approaching reading and how to integrate it into the daily life of their preschool or elementary school child. The illustrations are available in both PDF and JPG…

Reading Pamphlet

Informative Content
Educational Success
The reading booklet contains 8 infosheets aiming to provide parents with the tools they need to help their children learn to read throughout their academic journey.

Bookmark – Reading, for parents

Practical tools
Educational Success
These two bookmarks provide ideas to guide parents in their duty as a role model for reading.

Video – The first transition to school

Informative Content
Transition to kindergarten
When a child and their family have a smooth transition to school, it creates a precedent for future successful transitions and therefore has a positive impact on educational success. This video by the Chantier montréalais Transition vers l’école discusses issues…

Video – Is your child’s job interfering with their education?

Informative Content
School-Work Balance
This video was created to raise awareness among parents of young people who work while going to school about the importance of healthy school-work balance. Partners can invite parents in their network to watch the video and discuss it with…

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